When Will We See a Phoenixville Train Station?

Ryan Heenan
Ryan Heenan
Published on May 26, 2018

Phoenixville’s Borough Council agreed to research the feasibility of a Phoenixville train station that would connect Phoenixville and Philadelphia. The Phoenixville train station will help reduce congestion along the Route 422 corridor, which has been worsening in recent years.

Thanks to a recent influx of new apartments, homes, and residents, Phoenixville is a growing population center. New residents are likely drawn to Phoenixville’s investment in a downtown entertainment center that is focused on walkability. Officials recognize the need for public transit and are exploring their options.

The need for a Phoenixville train station reflects growth in Phoenixville’s downtown. In fact, the Philadelphia Inquirer highlighted Phoenixville in October 2017 as a robust example of a trend towards experience-based, local, “food tourism.”

Bridge Street, Phoenixville’s Downtown

People don’t want to drive all the way into the city for a great downtown experience. Towns like Phoenixville that put energy and attention towards their downtown are growing quickly and staying strong – but it comes at a cost.

With home values are rising in Phoenixville, we’re seeing more luxury apartments and development than ever before. The cost of this recent growth is traffic. This economic growth is what sparked the need for the Phoenixville train station. Traffic chokes the Route 422 corridor, which has been an ongoing frustration for residents of both Chester and Berks Counties.

The Phoenixville Train Station Task Force

On May 8th, 2018, the Phoenixville mayor approved the creation of a twenty-person task force to investigate the options available for a Phoenixville train station.

Manny DeMutis, a local Phoenixville developer, will fund the Phoenixville train station study, which will be conducted by Thomas E. Frawley Consulting LLC and headed by Barry Cassidy.

Cassidy is a former Phoenixville Revitalization Coordinator. Frawley is an engineer and attorney with expertise in start-up, operation, management, and marketing of public transportation systems.

The task force is an important preliminary step forward in deciding how to proceed with the passenger train.

The Phoenixville train station will likely connect in one of two forms:

The Norristown/Manayunk Line Extension

The Norristown/Manayunk line extension option would rely on existing infrastructure to create a transfer-less, one-seat ride from Philadelphia to Phoenixville.

Advantages: This option is far less expensive because the Phoenixville train could use existing infrastructure to bring public transit to Phoenixville. This option would also be completed more quickly. It also provides a one-seat ride with no transfers for passengers.

Disadvantages: This approach requires developers to resolve issues surrounding access to the Norfolk Southern freight tracks, SEPTA’s Norristown Line, and City Center Tunnel.

The Greenline

The Greenline option connects Philadelphia to Phoenixville with a transfer at the Paoli Train Station.

Advantages:  The advantage of the Greenline is that it also serves the fast-growing centers in the Great Valley. The Greenline would utilize diesel light rail technology and operate along public roadways. It also would use rehabilitated rail freight tracks.

Disadvantages: This option is complicated with right-of-way issues and passes through private property. However, this option requires riders to make a train change at the Paoli Train Station. This option would take several years to build and be more expensive.


Either way, it looks like Phoenixville could be the next town to add a major train station to connect to Philadelphia. The timeline, cost, and exact details are all up in the air. The task force does not have any public information available yet, and the feasibility study will be an ongoing project for quite some time.

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When Will We See a Phoenixville Train Station?
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