Media’s iconic Raven Motel may become new development

Ryan Heenan
Ryan Heenan
Published on September 27, 2018

A witty Daily Times cover asked, “Quoth the Raven…Nevermore?” That’s because the Raven Motel on the eastern edge of Media could be transformed into a new development.

“We have an opportunity to redevelop the property at 427 E. State St. by tearing down the Raven Motel,” said Upper Providence-based architect Bob Linn. Linn appeared before the borough planning commission the first week in September, then two days later at the council’s workshop. He outlined speculative plans, but explained to both boards his immediate mission was in reference to a single variance needed for the project to go forward. The prospective buyer, Marty Rudman, is a seasoned developer who is hoping to build an apartment building with approximately 21 units on three floors.

The main difficulty is that the zoning district requires the ground floor to be retail or office. Linn explained while he can comply with a maximum height of 40 feet, he needs four stories, where three are the maximum allowed. Linn further explained that three floors at 40 feet are reasonable for a totally commercial building, due to construction requirements, but having three floors of residential and one of commercial is also possible as different dimensions are needed. He made clear that without this combination, which needs relief for four stories, the project is not economically feasible for his client who “can get out of the deal,” making way for another buyer who has a different use in mind.

With several other projects in the works, the immediate neighborhood continues to undergo changes. Council has the option of opposing a zoning application, sending the solicitor to represent the borough’s interest, or allowing the hearing to proceed without intervention or comment. 

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Source: Daily Times; 9/10/2018

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Media’s iconic Raven Motel may become new development
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