How to Appeal Delaware County Real Estate Taxes

Ryan Heenan
Ryan Heenan
Published on March 22, 2018

If you think your real estate taxes are too high, join the club. 

If you want to appeal Delaware County taxes, applications must be submitted during a certain window each year. Residents can submit an appeal starting March 15th and ending on August 1st.

This simply means that your paperwork can be submitted during this window. Appeals received after August 1st will not be considered until the following year. 

The Board of Assessors will then schedule hearings throughout the months of September and October. If there are any changes to your property taxes, they won’t take effect until the following year. 

If you’ve purchased your home in 1 year or less:
You do not need an appraisal. Your recent sale price will be the fairest determination of “fair market value,” and the process to reassess your home will be rather simple.

If you’ve purchased your home more than 1 year ago:
You will need a full appraisal of your property completed. These usually run about $400, but the savings in annual property taxes can be substantial. It’s also important to note that you’ll want to partner with an appraiser that is not shooting for the moon trying to guess the highest value possible for your home. In fact, you’ll want the opposite.

The process to appeal Delaware County taxes is easy to do on your own. All it requires is a simple form, and you are welcome to represent yourself at your hearing. 

Despite this, ensuring a successful appeal is rather difficult. As you can imagine, the County isn’t too keen on lowering your taxes unless they’re coerced. 

We have had much better success partnering with an attorney that specializes in property tax appeals. If your property qualifies, we charge only if your property taxes are reduced.

There is an important caveat, however. When going in for a hearing, you also run the risk of your annual taxes increasing. Yes, you read that correctly. Every year there are homeowners that attempt to reduce their tax burden, only to have it increased further.

Don’t want to take that risk? Send us an email and we’ll give you a rough idea if your property might qualify. The form for the reassessment can be found here.

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How to Appeal Delaware County Real Estate Taxes
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