Dumb Things Realtors Do [All the Time!]

Ryan Heenan
Ryan Heenan
Published on June 13, 2018

This post was inspired by a recent Reddit discussion about all the dumb things realtors still seem to do all the time. Some of them are funny, some are frustrating, and some are just plain entertaining.

For the most part, realtors have been quick to adopt new technology that helps to make both their jobs and their clients’ lives easier. Some agents, however, still living in 1972. We thought it’d be fun to make a list of the most common dumb things realtors do.


Seriously, was that ever a good idea? OH MY GOSH YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS HOME = terrible marketing. Cut it out.

Unnecessary Abbreviations

This style of writing was clearly born from a time where realtors would pay a per-word or per-character fee to advertise in the newspaper. It was not uncommon to see something like, “3bd/1ba, lrg mstr, LR, DR” which means the house has three bedrooms, one bathroom, a large master bedroom, living room and dining room.

But guess what? The internet doesn’t charge a per-character fee. There is no reason an agent should not be giving a full, detailed description that leaves unnecessary abbreviations out.

Accidental Selfies

These always make me laugh. When taking photos of a bathroom, apparently some realtors forget how mirrors work. They end up taking accidental selfies of themselves playing photographer.

Upside Down Photos

Another one of my favorites. Even if for some reason you were holding your camera upside down, it only takes 2 clicks to rotate the photo back to normal. Come on people.

Blurry Photos

Are you seeing the pattern? Blurry photos are the most frustrating because it shows a complete lack of respect and laziness. I don’t care how much or how little the house costs, your photos should never look like you’re falling down a flight of steps while taking them.

Poorly Staged

Realtors should typically give staging advice to make the home look its best before photos and showings. I understand that some sellers are not going to listen to any of that advice. But at least put the toilet seat down, will ya?

Terrible Newsletters

I understand not every realtor will write his or her own newsletter from scratch. But you should be able to at least provide some good local news updates or statistics. However, nobody cares about the “9 Shades of Tan to Paint your Kitchen” article. Stop sending this stuff.

Abusing Facebook

Facebook has personal pages, and business pages. Know the difference.

Appointments by Phone Only

There is a free online appointment scheduling application that 95% of agents use. It is easy, and it works flawlessly. Why would you not want to use this?

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Dumb Things Realtors Do [All the Time!]
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