Devon Yard Opens Doors at Former Waterloo Gardens Site

Ryan Heenan
Ryan Heenan
Published on August 24, 2018

Devon Yard, the lifestyle center designed by Urban Outfitters that brings several of its brands together under one roof, officially opened last week on the site of the former Waterloo Gardens in Devon, near the intersection of South Waterloo Road and West Lancaster Avenue. In addition to Anthropologie, Terrain and BHLDN Weddings, Urban Outfitters also offers dining options in Amis Trattoria and Terrain Café. Devon Yard also has an event space called Terrain Garden.

This is a new concept for Urban Outfitters as the retailer seeks to become a destination that offers consumers additional reasons to visit the center. However, the project courted controversy from its very inception, as community members fought to derail its development due to concerns over traffic and other issues. These issues escalated, pitting neighbor against neighbor with signs both for and against the project peppering front yards in Devon.

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Source: Philadelphia Business Journal; 8/16/2018

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Devon Yard Opens Doors at Former Waterloo Gardens Site
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