Delco seeks solutions to parking woes in Media

Ryan Heenan
Ryan Heenan
Published on October 23, 2018

Delaware County has had plans to replace its office and garage complex on Orange Street for more efficiency and parking, but the project gained new urgency in July with the partial collapse of a garage wall. Hazardous conditions compelled county government to close the garage, move departments in the Sweeney and Toal buildings, and plan a new facility.

County Executive Director Marianne Grace, Council Chairman John McBlain and Councilman Kevin Madden came to the borough’s Community Development Committee to discuss parking strategies for employees, jurors and the general public with business at the courthouse/ government center. “Since the problem at the end of July, we have contracted with a company to design demolition. It will be taken down piece by piece,” McBlain said, noting there will be no “wrecking ball.”

The current plan will start with dismantling the garage, then the Toal portion and Sweeney building. Meetings have been held for neighbors, but attendance thus far has been light. They are particularly concerned with parking in the relatively narrow streets on the west side of the building. Citron, Amber, Front and Third streets have already been affected by closures for safety. Any reduction in parking will have an impact, they have told the borough and county. The county is still exploring options for alleviating these issues by providing shuttles to offsite parking and possibly renting out parking spaces in existing lots in the borough.

The parking options in Media tend to fill quickly. 

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Source: Daily Times; 10/2/2018

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Delco seeks solutions to parking woes in Media
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