Crowds Protest Drexeline Shopping Center Project

Ryan Heenan
Ryan Heenan
Published on August 24, 2018

An overflow crowd attended an Upper Darby Township Council meeting to protest the delay of the Drexeline Shopping Center construction due to an appeal filed in county court. The township Zoning Hearing Board approved the application that included 11 variances.

Some of the variances would allow the project to have apartments, an indoor storage building, 80 percent impervious coverage rather than the 70 percent required, side yard setback on one section of the 17.5-acre site, no stream buffer rather than the 50 feet required, and a special exception for the reduction of parking spaces required at 5100 State Road.

Plans include redevelopment of the entire site to include a Wawa, a new ShopRite supermarket, walking trail along Darby Creek, underground parking garage and a medical center.

Township residents Bonnie Hallam, Janice Haman and Donald Fields filed a civil appeal last month in Common Pleas Court seeking a reversal in the township zoning hearing board’s approval of the project in June. According to Mayor Thomas Micozzie, the financial impact tied to the delays is significant. “Stores are vacant now,” Micozzie said. “Now we’re paying legal fees to defend.” The township plans on defending the zoning board’s decision through the appeal process.

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Source: Daily Times; 8/20/2018

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Crowds Protest Drexeline Shopping Center Project
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