Chester County Enforcing AirBnB and Hotel Taxes

Ryan Heenan
Ryan Heenan
Published on September 27, 2018

The Chester County treasurer is starting to audit hotels and AirBnB owners for tax revenue. “We are letting hotels know we are here and we expect tax money to come to us,” said Patricia Maisano, recently elected Chester County treasurer.

The county treasurer serves as the local authority, which represents Pennsylvania, in the sale of various state-controlled licenses. Chester County, for its services, receives a small percentage of the revenue. It’s all due to the return to a full staffing complement at the Office of the Treasury, which can now focus on ensuring that revenues due to the county are received and processed appropriately.

Before Maisano was elected, there were only three people on the staff, some of whom were temporary workers. She said there are now 10 staff members in the office, all of whom are well qualified. “The hotel tax has not been collected for eight years,” Maisano said. “I have renewed the hotel tax and also the Airbnb tax.”

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Source: Daily Local; 8/24/2018

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Chester County Enforcing AirBnB and Hotel Taxes
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