Builder seeks zoning change to develop Tredyffrin swimming club

Ryan Heenan
Ryan Heenan
Published on July 25, 2018

The Picket Post Swim, Tennis and Paddle Club in Devon has agreed to sell the 4.8-acre Chase Road property to a developer who plans to build townhouses at the site. Some local residents object to the property being rezoned to facilitate the project. The pool and tennis courts were built in the 1970s to attract buyers to a sprawling development of nearly 3,000 townhouses on what used to be rolling Pennsylvania farmland.

In 1991, after Chesterbrook was “built out,” that developer turned the swim club over to Picket Post for $1. The club is managed like a country club, but after the last recession, with membership dwindling, Picket Post did not have the funds to maintain the pool and the large, old barn on the Chase Road property.

With nowhere else to turn, management seeks to sell the property to Green Bridge Development company. The developer’s plan is to build 40 townhomes, while still preserving the barn. David Ludin from Green Bridge has met with the residents twice to share as much information as possible. The deal is contingent on a zoning change.

David Miller, president of the Chesterbrook Civic Association, said he believes the proposed 35 to 40 townhouses will lower property values nearby and opposes rezoning the parcel to permit the development.

At this point, plans have been submitted to the township and await further review.

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Builder seeks zoning change to develop Tredyffrin swimming club
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