Bryn Coed Farms Update

Ryan Heenan
Ryan Heenan
Published on December 23, 2017

The Natural Lands Trust, a local nonprofit organization that works to save open space throughout eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, has been at the backbone of the “Save Bryn Coed” movement throughout Chester county.

The massive Bryn Coed farm spans across West Vincent, East Pikeland and West Pikeland Townships in Chester County.

Bryn Coed Farm is a large 1,505-acre property in the heart of northern Chester County that was at risk to be developed. The Bryn Coed estate was once owned by Supreme Court Justice Owen J. Roberts and more recently heirs of the Ludens Cough Drop fortune.

In order to thwart potential development of the site, Natural Lands Trust proposed a fundraising effort in 2017 with a goal to raise $5 million by December 31st.  These funds would be used to purchase 500 acres of the Bryn Coed property and protect them from any future development. The area would become a large nature preserve, acting as an open green space for visitors and community members forever.

In total, over 600 households contributed to the fundraising efforts, with many even making multiple contributions throughout the year. By June, an agreement of sale was signed to solidify the future plans for the area. Visions for the land have come to include hiking trails and equestrian trails.

As of December, however, the total fundraising efforts have amounted to just under the $5 million goal (at about $4,750,000). The organization plans to continue fundraising into 2018 to ensure their goal is achieved.

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Bryn Coed Farms Update
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