Are Apartments coming to Runnymeade Farms?

Ryan Heenan
Ryan Heenan
Published on March 13, 2018

A large national developer, GMH Capital Partners, wants to include 249 new apartment units in the popular Runnymeade Farms section of Newtown Square. Runnymeade Farms is a home owner’s association that consists of single family homes (Springton Woods, Canter Village) and condominiums (Pritchard Place). Residents enjoy shared outdoor space, along with amenities like tennis and a swimming pool.

The developer’s plan entails spreading the 249 units across four separate buildings in the Edgemont neighborhood. GMH envisions the Runnymeade apartments to have first-class amenities and luxury features.

In the most recent township meeting, the majority of the previously-raised issues were addressed, and the project received approval from the township planning consultant, sewage enforcement officer, fire marshal, and traffic engineer.

Township engineer Michael Conrad raised questions regarding the open space requirement and storm water management to be addressed in April. In response to these questions, the developer’s representative stated, “We are down to the nitty-gritty.”

Other local residents raised more concerns, particularly the effect these rentals have on their community. The homeowners association consists of 500-600 residents. Adding 249 units to the mix could mean renters outnumber residents.

The Runnymeade Citizens United group thinks this is a dangerous proposition, and formed as a nonprofit organization to represent the community in matters such as this.

They have retained Hugh Donaghue, local attorney, to provide legal council and representation throughout the process.

Local residents have indicated that they would be much happier to see a proposal to build single family homes, as it will help to preserve the community and neighborhood identity that has been established over many years.

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Source: Daily Times; 2/28/2018

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