A Cozy Village

At a population of just over 3,600 people (2010 census) and a size of only 1.9 square miles, Berwyn is the ultimate small town. Located along the famous Philadelphia Main Line, Berwyn is rural in its roots and maintains a charming, small-town feel.

Berwyn has a higher cost of living than the rest of Pennsylvania, but that also comes with a very low crime rate. 88% lower than the U.S. average, this puts the town in the 92nd percentile of national city safety. Median income is $83,633, and the median house value is $321,000 as of 2013.

The Berwyn public school district, Tredyffrin-Easttown, is highly acclaimed. It was ranked as the second best school in the nation by Niche, whose ranking takes into account parent and student opinions as well as standardized testing results. Additionally, the district was ranked in the Pennsylvania top-10 by Schooldigger.

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Berwyn's Many Eateries

Locals and Visitors Enjoy a Wide Range of Culinary Options

With no shortage of restaurants, treats, and bars, Berwyn (and its immediate surroundings) gives a small-town big-time options. 4-4.5/5 star restaurants are in abundance and ensure a great meal at a great price are not too far away. Nectar, an Asian-fusion restaurant that specializes in Japanse and Sushi, is well known with people coming all over for it’s food and musical experience. According to TripAdvisor, Nectar is the #1 rated restaurant in Berwyn. Coming in at #2 is La Cabra Brewing, a brewpub that opened in 2016. With 15 different beers on tap and a Latin-inspired menu, it’s no surprise that La Cabra has instantly become a must-try experience.

For those with a sweet-tooth, Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream is where it’s at. Open year-round this family-owned dessert shop has no interior seating, yet always has a crowd of people around it, patiently (or impatiently) waiting for their treat. Since opening in 2005, Handel’s has built enough of a reputation that their sales in the Winter months are strong and sell a lot of ice cream and cakes during the holiday season. When driving along Lancaster Ave, it is not uncommon to see a long line of people waiting for their favorite Handel’s treat at any time of day.

Laid-back Lifestyle

...With A Modern Twist

Berwyn culture is what you would expect of a small village town; a lifestyle where people live life at a little slower pace and don’t sweat the small things, while also at the same time enjoying modern restaurants, things to do, and the outdoors. Fitness is a part of life here, as there are 3 places in town that offer a workout fix; barre3 offers yoga, pilates, and barre classes. Village Wellness, owned by Lance Isakov, offers yoga and acupuncture. Looking for something a little more intense? Go check out Crossfit Village Berwyn, where they will whip you into shape in a matter of weeks. If dancing is more your thing, the Fred Astaire Dance Studio will have you tangoing in no time with their professional dance instructors and management team.

For those into the outdoors, several choices await. Hilltop Park has well-maintained scenic parks, soccer fields, and playgrounds for young children. Teegarden Park is also very picturesque, with the best outdoor basketball courts you will find anywhere. Of course, Valley Forge National Historic Park is a great option for both outdoors and historical exploration, but that is more of a full-day experience so you may want to plan for that. You can also take a relaxing stroll through the Jenkins Arboretum in nearby Devon, where beautiful Botanical gardens await you.