A Guide to Ardmore, PA

City history, background, etc.

Ardmore is a suburb of Philadelphia, located about 8 miles west of the city limits. Ardmore is immediately surrounded by other Main Line towns like Wynnewood, Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Narberth, Penn Wynne, and Havertown.

Ardmore has been featured as a “Top Place to Live” or “Best Place to Live” on countless websites and in many magazine articles, especially recently. Most notably, Ardmore has received the following praises:

  • #45 on Money Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Live among America’s small towns
  • #12 on Money Magazine’s “Best Place for the Rich and Single,” based on its wealth and number of unattached professionals.
  • #5 in Business Insider’s “Best Places to Live in Philadelphia” list, and the only area outside of Philadelphia that made the list. They say, “Ardmore is technically in the suburbs, but like if the suburbs went on a year abroad and came back with cooler taste in music and clothes and had a sudden penchant for exotic food and drink.”
  • #7 in com’s “Best Places to Live in Pennsylvania” list, stating key considerations like quality of schools, crime rates, housing trends, employment statistics, commute times, diversity and access to amenities.

Ardmore was first settled in 1853, when the community was called “Athensville.” In 1873, the Pennsylvania Railroad renamed their station “Ardmore,” and the name stuck.

The original rail line runs parallel to modern-day Lancaster Ave (Route 30). This famous rail line is responsible for much of the boom that resulted in towns like Ardmore, creating new communities known today as the Main Line.

Ardmore is home to many popular stores, restaurants and breweries that draw both residents and visitors alike. Some of the local town favorites include:

  • Tired Hands Brewery, the hip brewpub with small batch beers and hand-baked breads. Their larger location, Fermentaria, serves bigger crowds with a more full menu selection.
  • Sam’s Pizza, serving delicious brick oven pizza, this kid-friendly restaurant doubles as a local wine bar and craft beer haunch. What’s not to like?
  • Iron Hill Brewery added an Ardmore location recently. The new location joins the ranks of other Iron Hill restaurants in Philadelphia, Media, West Chester, and Phoenixville.
  • Carlino’s Market – what started out as a small Mom and Pop shop has turned into an amazing gourmet food store with a cult following in the area. Some days they hire a police officer just to help park cars and keep traffic moving around the store…it’s that good.
  • Suburban Square – one America’s first planned shopping centers, this town center has evolved into a major hub for shopping, dining, and eating. The scene is very trendy, with a large Apple Store, Trader Joe’s, high-end retailers like J. Crew and Urban Outfitters, a Farmer’s Market, and tons stores that I’ll lump into the “expensive handbag” category.
  • Ardmore Music Hall, which hosts live concerts and events almost every night of the week. Whether you’re looking for a local singer-songwriter or a Phish cover band, this spot has your live music needs covered.

Why Move to Ardmore, PA?

There are thousands of reasons to love Ardmore, but chief among them are the following:

  • It’s convenient to everything. Being close to Philadelphia, King of Prussia, I-476, and I-95 means you can anywhere you would want to go, quickly.
  • It’s not the city. Though it has all the walkability and urban excitement, Ardmore still has plenty of parking. Your friends can park in front of your house, rather than 6 blocks away. Meters are either cheap or nonexistent.
  • The schools are awesome. Whether you fall within Lower Merion or Haverford School District, there is no bad place to live in Ardmore if you’re thinking about sending your children to school here.
  • There are a ton of parks. As in, way too many to mention. This is a very dog-friendly and kid-friendly place to be, people.
  • The people are awesome. This is a hard statistic to measure, but people are generally friendly and happy around Ardmore. Maybe it has something to do with all of these brewpubs…

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Guide to Ardmore Real Estate

Living in Ardmore – a tale of two cities

Ardmore is a unique town. Residents of Ardmore share a special bond, and a post office – but that’s about it. The town actually falls within two different school districts, two different townships, and two different counties entirely. In fact, you may see two identical houses in different parts of Ardmore that have wildly different real estate values and annual taxes because of this.

The northern part of Ardmore fall within Montgomery County, Lower Merion Township and Lower Merion School District. This area has a large commercial district, and houses SEPTA’s regional rail station. For this reason, this part of Ardmore can be especially popular for commuters.

South Ardmore, on the other hand, falls within Delaware County, Haverford Township, Haverford School District. Many enjoy the walkability to the recently-built Chestnutwold Gradeschool. This part of town is more residential with a few small commercial sections for convenience. This section of town is closer to the High Speed Line, which connects to the Market-Frankford subway line.

No matter what side of town, Ardmore residents love walkability, community atmosphere, parks, restaurants, and amenities.

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